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I can't believe we're on the third page of testimonials.  I am go grateful to everyone who has written in with kind words and success stories. 

Take a look at some more great emails...

Hello Tim,

I just wanted to take the time to tell you THANK YOU for writing your e-book, it's the most valuable piece of material I have read since starting my credential program!

As with most credential program students finishing student teaching, I was scared of all the negative attitudes surrounding landing a teaching job in this economy! I currently live in  California and as you know, schools in CA have been struck hard with budget cuts! I was searching online for resources that would prepare me for my first interview, yet I found none, until I came across your website! I am normally a very ambitious person but your book gave me that boost of confidence and tips that I needed to go out there and be extremely active/successful in the job hunt!

I bought your e-book prior to going on my first interview. I read through the entire book changed up my resume and cover letter and also created a portfolio. I brought your book (printed it off) with me to my interview and re-read through the questions before walking into the interview. As the job hunt process has advanced, I still continue to re-read your book to refresh and stay focused on the interview questions every time I go for an interview. I have joked to my friends and family that your e-book is like my "interview bible!"

I just wanted to give you a brief overview of my job interview journey since my credential program did not offer advice or any help with this process and I highly doubt I would have been as successful without you!

    * I created a wonderful portfolio (never thought to do this before reading about it in your book) that I feel proud of and also impresses interview panels every time I utilize it while answering their questions. They always compliment me on my organization. I also bring customized mini packets of information for each person on the panel (I ask ahead who will be there).

    * I perfected my cover letter and resume with your examples as guides

    * I spent 1-2 hrs a day since March actively networking and applying for jobs in person 10 different schools in paper format and an additional 48different schools through edjoin.org

    * I found a job fair. I went and gave out resume packets (cover letter, resume, letters of rec, CBEST, CSET) and secured another interview from a school district since I stood out and asked intelligent questions while the other fair goers just handed their resumes out and left. I don't understand why people throw away opportunities like this!!!

    * I have gotten and gone on 8 interviews (3 were eligibility pool interviews, 5 had actual jobs that needed to be filled)

    * I have been offered 3 jobs (I am fortunate to have gotten these offers but I have declined all of them since they weren't ideal for different reasons that weren't disclosed initially when I went on the interview ex. .6 FTE pay)

    * I am still getting multiple calls every week from Principals who have heard about me (because I network like crazy!) and want to have me come interview for open positions

Of all my classmates who recently received their credentials, I only know 1 who has gotten interviews and a job! Many people attribute me having a science credential (highly in demand) as reason for my interview success however I feel like I have been working my butt off, taking full advantage of opportunities, and being very in tune with what it takes to be an amazing teacher! I have recommended your book to these people! haha I have also told my credential program about your book and I hope that they consider making all their students buy your book when starting their program!

Only a matter of time before I land my "perfect" job!

   Thanks Tim!!!


And an update from April, a month later...

Hello Tim! 

Wow so much has happened since the last time I emailed you! I got a job!!!! I started the semester last week at an amazing high school and I'm teaching Biology (my favorite subject!). I went on an interview August 6th and they called me later that day to offer me the position. I  moved that following weekend from northern california 4.5 hrs away to this town in LA area! Its been a huge transition but the area is beautiful, safe, and I have wonderful students. I'm so excited that everything worked out for the best! Thanks for all your help, I did of course review and bring my "luck charm" your book with me down to my interview!! You're awesome!!!       

Hi Tim:
WHAT A TERRIFIC BOOK!!! THANK YOU for writing it!!  I'm already up to ch7! I wil be sure to tell colleagues who are seekings employment all about it1
Have a great summer!



       Just wanted to stop in and let you know I received my first call for my first interview of the summer! It is for a great district, the one I student taught in and substitute in! Your book has obviously brought me this far! Thank you so much.

   Lauren :):)

Hi Tim,

Just thought I'd share some great news with you.  I ordered your book last week A Guide to Getting the Teaching Job of Your Dreams  and it was so helpful.  It was my very first job interview in the public school, I have just finished my masters and was finally called for my first interview.  It was also my #1 choice for a school district to work in.  I studied your book for three days and prepared practice answers to your questions.  I left the interview very confident, and by the next morning received a phone call to come meet with the Superintendent.  I am now the newest 1st grade teacher in this school district!!!  Thank you so much for all your great tips, there were questions I never would have been prepared for if it hadn't been for this book.  I feel so lucky to have walked away with a job after only one interview!!  Just wanted to share the good news with you and thank you for the help your book provided!!

   ~Warmest Regards

Dear Tim,

Wow! I've been teaching 19 years and have very recently moved and find myself looking for a new position in education. I was searching for some information to help me work up a fresh resume' (as I know times are always changing) and I happened upon your link and found your book! :) I LOVE the help with the interview questions. I've been on the interviewing side myself for years and now the tables will be turned. I don't mind telling you it's just a little scary. Your ideas are well thought out and are sooo true! They sure helped jog my mind back on track, lessened that stress a bit, and helped steer me in the right direction. Keep up the great work and I'll let you know "when" I land that new position. :) Thanks again for the wonderful material.

   Blessings to you and yours,
   Mary Lynn :)


First of all, I must say a big THANK YOU! I had my first teacher interview with a GREAT school on Monday. Thanks to the guidelines in your book I KNOW the interview went AMAZING! Now, I just got a call that I will interview again TOMORROW (Thursday) with the Superintendent and Personell Director.


Hello Tim,

I just wanted to let you know that I got a job.  Your book is SO HELPFUL as well as your various articles from online.  You are an expert about teaching interview tip writer!  I recommended your book to some of my friends.  Hope that helps them as well.

I am a teacher, who has contacted you for the last three years regarding job searching and interviewing tips.  I accepted a job offer in MA as a long term substitute grade one position.  The principal would like to keep me in his school after this year, he is expecting to assign me in another class in 2011-2012, as I was told in the interview.  He wanted to make sure that I am not finding a job anywhere else.  "We need you here" he said.  He was VERY impressed with my professional portfolio "You are a talented teacher."; it sure was my best pal to succeed in my job interview.  I also have my online portfolio to view as well; it saves my time, I didn't have to return to the school to pick up my ring binder this time.


Hi Tim,

Just wanted to let you know that all that hard work (and help from you) finally paid off. I just accepted a job teaching art to K-3 students!!! I am excited just to be teaching, but to be teaching my favorite subject is a dream come true. The job market here has been grim here with 17,000 teachers laid off in Illinois due to budget cuts. It was getting really depressing and I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I would be subbing for another year. Then, last week, I got the call and they offered me the job. What a great feeling.

If you ever want to add a "Tales from the Front Lines of Job Searching" chapter to your book let me know, I've got some great stories :)

I can't thank you enough, not only for providing such a valuable resource, but for the time you took to personally respond to my questions. I truly feel that the changes I made to my job search, based on information in the book and your advice, were what put me over the top in a very competitive market. Thanks also for including my materials in your new book, it gave me the confidence that I was on the right track even if employers weren't calling at the time.

Hope the book continues to do well. I am your number one promoter here in the Chicago suburbs--I've lost count of how many times I've told fellow job seekers about your website and book.

Thanks so very much!


Hi. I just had to share the good news with you! I just graduated from my master of education program in December 2009. I took the spring off to move across the country to Nevada where I applied for Las Vegas's only school district. I just had my very first interview EVER for a teaching position yesterday...and I got the call today. First grade full time teaching offer. Your book was the only one I referenced and I have read it cover to cover multiple times since I purchased it in March. I was told that there were multiple applicants and I was the most prepared and impressive. THANK YOU!!! I wasn't nervous or surprised by anything they asked. I took two folders with references, resume, copy of license, and a sample lesson plan. One for the principal and the assistant principal....thanks to you telling me to ask who were the interviewers. The principal didn't have any of this information from the district until I handed it to him (an idea I owe to you!) Also, I asked questions suggested in the book and I think this impressed him (especially the "what are you most proud of in your school") Thank you so much....Once again, a million thanks!!!


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