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Yet another page of success stories and testimonials.  I appreciate the warm response to the ebook, and appreciate everyone taking the time to write in with your thoughts, testimonials, stories, questions, and comments.

All of these messages below a unsolicited, real emails that I have received from satisfied teacher candidates and teachers who have purchased the book.  Take a look at what they're saying...

Hi Tim,
I just wanted to tell you that BOTH my husband and myself used your extremely helpful book and we BOTH were offered jobs! Thank you so very much. The interview question part was the most helpful piece, as they do ask a LOT of those questions. With your help, we were able to answer the questions and sail through the interview process! It was getting a bit frustrating for me and after about two years, I landed the job of my dreams! So tell everyone to hang in there, it isn't easy, but you need to stay  focused.
       Thank you again,

And another email from Laura:

Tim, to say that  the book was helpful is actually an understatement, hahaha! I looked over the interview questions and practiced the answers (which we both were not answering correctly btw) and it just was such a difference. I also USED my portfolio, which I was not doing in the past!

My husband went on about 9 or 10 interviews last year and was getting very frustrated with the whole process. In addition, it is almost impossible in NJ to get a job, it is very political here. He finally decided to widen his circle and apply  for Middle school jobs, instead of just High School. Well, that seemed to work. He was offered a contract last summer and will be starting his second year in September, and LOVES it there. He teaches 6th and 7th grade Social Studies.

As I mentioned earlier, I have been at the process for quite some time. I got licensed in 2007 and just had a difficult time even getting an interview. I took a job as an Instructional Aide last year (I was working in the district that my husband got hired in, so he was able to say my name in his cover letter). Then I moved on to a Private School teaching Kindergarten this past school year. I loved the age,  but it still is/was not the right fit for me. I will now be working with Preschool age children in an xxx district teaching 3 year olds, but the pay is on scale with the public schools, which is great. It will be fun to set up the room, I am looking forward to it!
Thanks again!!! Have a great school year!
       Laura :)

I purchased your e-book and finally got a job - not just any job - my first choice!  I have been an accountant for 10 years and since getting married and beginning my family, I decided I needed a change that would allow me to spend more time at home.  I went back to school to pursue my masters in Education.  In the meanwhile, I have applied to about 20 different schools in all districts around my hometown (up to 75 miles away) and continued to work as an accountant (with a 70 mile one way commute).  I applied two years in a row at my first choice school (1.5 miles from my home) and wasn't called for an interview either time.  All of my in-laws are teachers and they couldn't even get me "in" probably because I don't have a teaching certificate yet.   About a month ago I purchased your e-book, desperate for good information.  I took your advice and began sending resumes directly to principals, and I even called the assistant superintendent directly and asked for an interview.  To my surprise he said "sure"!  I interviewed with him and just a week later he called me back to interview with the principals.  That interview was on Friday 10/31.  I followed all of your suggestions about creating a portfolio, studied the interview questions (of which many were asked) and ACED the interview.  I have never felt so good about an interview before and I have been in high-level management positions for more than 5 years!  To make a long story short, before I left, they hired me and gave me a contract that very day.  They even told me that they would get me a temporary teaching certificate (until my degree is complete) so I could start in January.  I couldn't have done it without you and your e-book.  I owe you one!  :) 
               Thanks again!
               Former accountant - Future teacher! 

And, in another e-mail from Tara:

I truly believe that I wouldn't have been able to get this job without your information.  Thanks again!

Hi Tim,
My name is Sxxx and I purchased your book a few weeks ago when I came across it while I was rewriting my resume for an application. I finished the credential program in spring of 2007 and have been substituting since then to find a teaching job in a very saturated market of San Diego. This will be my third year applying for jobs...and after reading your book, I finally came to realize that there were so many things that were wrong with all that I've ever submitted!! I am so glad that I was able to find your book!!!

       Sxxx, Candidate in California

Good Morning Tim,

Thanks for your quick reply.  I spent a couple hours reading your ebook last night after I purchased it.  I am so grateful that I came across your ebook yesterday.  I can't wait to implement your ideas and suggestions the next time I have an interview.

Thanks again for all your help,

Dear Tim,
Thank you for writing a book that answers the questions of teachers, like me, who are struggling to find a teaching position.



I found the info in your book very helpful.  Every question asked was in your book...I will definitely recommend your book to any teacher looking for a position.  It's wonderful.


Hi Tim,

I'm following-up on an email I sent you about a month ago. As promised, I'm updating you with my good news! I received a job offer this Wednesday for a fifth grade position and took it. Then today received another offer for a 1st grade position in another district. After creating a nice portfolio, studying your interview questions section (which were so often asked in these interviews) and holding my head a little higher, I received the grade level and job I've always wanted! So, thank you so very much for taking the time to write your ebook! I don't know if I'd be where I'm at today if that resource wasn't available to me. Have a great weekend!

       Amy (Seattle / TEACHER :)

Dear Tim

Last month I purchased the interview book for teachers from you. It is extremely good for persons like me.  Thanks.

       Seema (Ontario, Canada)


Thank you for your support. When I was interviewed by my current principal, I asked him several times WHAT made him choose me for an interview.  What he did say was that in my interview, even though I did not have the experience teaching as some candidates, he said I demonstrated the most knowledge specific to his school, which I included in my resume, cover letter, and thank you note. It was because of your book that I had done this research and included it in my application documents. I will keep you informed. Thanks again.

       Mr. Conard

Hi Tim!

I just bought your book on Thursday because I had an interview today for a job I really wanted.  There were things that you mentioned in the book that I actually laughed out loud over because I never realized the common mistakes I was making!  One in particular was the response "nope" when your interview is coming to a close and they ask you if you have any questions.  Usually I inquire more about the job or just say "you already answered my questions," but I never thought about taking it a step further to make it a more personal question about the school in general.  So, I took your advice and prepared a question ahead of time, which was: "How many plays do you have a year?"  The principal replied, "None....we don't have anyone to run it.  We really wish we were able to have plays."  I'll admit, my interview started out rough because I was so nervous and I was the first interview of MANY for the day, but I feel that I ended on a good note because I showed an interest where they really needed help.  I told him I would be willing to get involved if the school backed me up and he seemed to like my response.  I'll have to email you again if I get the job!!

Thanks for all your wonderful advice!!


PS -  Your book was one purchase I will never regret!!


Thanks so much for your kind reply with the interview suggestions.  I'm very grateful, and I'll pass it on to my friend in Madrid.  Your book and suggestion will surely give her more confidence at her Tuesday interview.

Thanks again for your help,


I got a job!  Thanks for the great advice!  I was interviewed on Friday and accepted a short-term postition on Tuesday. 


Dear Tim,

I recently downloaded and read your wonderful e-book I Want a Teaching Job. I'm so thankful and excited about all of the excellent and useful information found in your book. It is really helping me be more knowledgeable and better prepared for landing the teaching job that I want for the coming school year ... Keep up the excellent work of helping young teachers, like myself,  land the right teaching job.

Best Regards from Houston, Texas!



You are just the best man! I don't know what I would do without you right now. My portfolio has been a useless piece of art. But now I 'll be able to use it as a tool. I'm thanking God for you being out here for us new teachers!

Oh, trust me. Your book isn't just helpful. Its a job saver.


Hi Tim,

I purchased your ebook about an hour ago and I already feel more prepared for my upcoming interview!!

       Donna, Special Education Candidate


Thank you so much for attending so quickly to my request.  I have found your book helpful and now I am equally impressed with your service.  As opportunities arise, I will recommend your materials to others.


Dear Tim,
I really want to thank you for writing this book, it was very inspiring to someone like me. ... So, I have an interview on Thursday, June 25 for a 6th grade special education position.  I will definitely incorporate the methods I've read about in your book and I will let you know how it goes.
Again Tim, thank you very much for writing this book, again it has given me renewed sense of going after what I want.

And another e-mail from Ron:

I had my interview today and it was the best interview I've ever given.  I can't thank you enough for all the great advice.  After each question I answered the principal said "Good Answer".  After the interview he told me at least three times that I did a good job.  They told me that they would have a decision by middle of next week.  I immediately came home and sent out a thank you letter.  So now I suppose I will just have to wait.

Dear Tim,

Thank you so much for all the information below and I feel reassured.  Your ebook is great and very informative, will definately tell people about it!

I am French but spent half of my life in English speaking countries, mostly in beautiful Byron Bay/Australia and done my TESOL course over there.  I am off to Seville/Spain for the month of July to do the CELTA course and hope to become a successful teacher some day rather soon.

I found your web on google looking up the TEFL site for CV/Resume samples...Voilą, kind regards to you and many thanks so far for your support (Great to have people like you out there, sharing their knowledge and experiences!!!)


Thank you very much for your assistance with the download.
This is a great resource and I have recommended it already to a lot of my friends that are out there searching for jobs as well.

       Thank you,

By the way, your book is fantastic and I am going to reccommend this ebook to other teachers that are trying t find a job!!


Hi Tim,

After reading and studying your book prior to an interview, I
landed the teaching job of my dreams!  I am working in a great district
that's close to home and I could not ask for anything more.  Your book was
very informative and allowed me to interview at my fullest potential
that I knew I always had.  Anyone who is struggling to find a teaching
career needs to read and study this book.  I've never felt more
prepared for an interview in my life.

       Thanks again!


Thank you so much!  I am up early today for my finalist interview with the superintendent for my interview last tuesday!!  I really appreciate you taking the time to read my resume and I will make sure to make a few changes/additions for sure. Hopefully I can land this position today! Thanks to you and your book (and your kind words today) I think I am ready to get that job!


I got a job!  I will be teaching 3rd grade. It's funny because people have been saying I would never get a job with a certification in Early Childhood Ed.(N-3). The interview panel  said that I was heaven sent.  I was nervous until they started asking me questions.  I sat at one end of a conference table and the panel sat at the other.  The first question was, "so tell me about yourself", just like you said.  They also asked a question about my time serving in the military, I guess this was the oddball question.  I felt that I had control the entire time.  I loved the advice you gave about working the portfolio. Most of the questions they asked, I answered with a sample from my portfolio, and yes I put it on the table as soon as I walked in the room.  I blew them away when it was my turn to ask questions.  Things went so well, the principal told me about the benefits right there, before I  taught a model lesson.
It took them a week to call me back to offer the job, but the principal personally called me on this past Thurs. at 7:30 pm to say, "I am extremely interested in you, please do not take another job.  Next week I will have the paperwork in order and we will formally give you an offer".

I am so excited about this new adventure! Thank you again for all of your help!


P.S. I made a personal connection with the principal.  My daughter attends the school she wants to send her son to.  She did not know that our school district buses to this school.  I gave her all the information she needed.  How ironic is that!

Dear Tim,

I would like to thank you for writing a wonderful book.  I'm a Filipino who have just moved here in Australia five months ago.  I'm a secondary school teacher with six years of experience teaching English, Humanities, Business Communication, and Media Studies to students of all levels and ages. 

Your book helped me a lot in preparing for my job interview and preparation of my portfolio (as I have found the book a few days before my interview).  All in all, I got 14 rejection letters by post and God knows how many rejection e-mails, but I was able to bag the job from the second interview I got, right after purchasing your e-book. I believe that your book was heaven-sent to me.  I was able to enhance my teaching portfolio tremendously and was really prepared and interesting during the interview. 

Do you know that the interviewers held me for an hour with the principal saying that they enjoyed the interview very much?  And right after the interview, I was given water to drink by the head of the English department and more importantly, a tour of the school by the deputy principal.  The deputy principal said your book must have been really good for I really did well during the interview though I might have been really nervous (yes, I told them that "I Want a Teaching Job" was the last book I've read when asked about it; we all had a good laugh because of it).  The principal called me yesterday and I was offered a position.  I'm starting next year and I'm really happy about it.  Thanks for all the tips. 

God bless you immensely.


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