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The reason I wrote Guide to Getting a Teaching Job is to help people become more prepared for teacher interviews and less stressed about the job hunting process.  Apparently, I am achieving my goal.  I am proud to have received so many supportive, appreciative e-mail messages since the book's release three years ago.

All of the messages below a real, unsolicited emails that I have received from satisfied teachers and teaching candidates who have purchased the book.

Take a look at what everyone is saying...

Hi Tim!

I just bought your book on Thursday because I had an
interview today for a job I really wanted.  There were
things that you mentioned in the book that I actually
laughed out loud over because I never realized the common
mistakes I was making!  One in particular was the
response "nope" when your interview is coming to a close and
they ask you if you have any questions.  Usually I inquire
more about the job or just say "you already answered my
questions," but I never thought about taking it a step
further to make it a more personal question about the school
in general.  So, I took your advice and prepared a question
ahead of time, which was: "How many plays do you have a
year?"  The principal replied, "None....we don't have anyone
to run it.  We really wish we were able to have plays." 
I'll admit, my interview started out rough because I was so
nervous and I was the first interview of MANY for the day,
but I feel that I ended on a good note because I showed an
interest where they really needed help.  I told him I would
be willing to get involved if the school backed me up and he
seemed to like my response.  I'll have to email you again if
I get the job!!

Thanks for all your wonderful advice!!


PS -  Your book was one purchase I will never regret!!

Dear Tim,

Thank you so much for writing such an incredible book! I have read the entire book and NOW have secured a 2nd interview!! After reading your book I realized how much I DIDN'T know about the interviewing process so I got to work studying and putting together a portfolio. ... I sent out a few resumes and received one response from an outstanding school district. So to prepare for the interview I bought your book and read every page. I went yesterday and within 3 hours they called me back for a 2nd interview .... I am just so thankful for your book. It was worth every penny I paid for it!! Again thank you- thank you!


And another message from Janet...

Hi Tim,

Thank you so much for getting back to me and so quickly.  I believe it was ALL the information from your book that got me the 2nd interview. I never would have been prepared for the interview without your book. Also thank you so much for the information in your email.


Hi Tim

Thank You so much for getting back to me. The fact that you responded so quickly to my email shows that you are a real person who truly cares about people.



I got a job as a first grade teacher after only one interview. Your Guide to Getting the Teaching Job of Your Dreams was a tremendous help! Chapters 8 and 9 were the key to my success in the interview. I went into the interview prepared and confident thanks to you.

Please add my name to your list of satisfied customers.

       Thanks again,


I bought and downloaded your book.  I studied your questions on top of all the research I did.  I went to my interview and realized after the questions I was asked, I really studied more than I needed to.  The interview was very successful, in my opinion, and today I found out that I got the job!
Thanks so much for your book!


Dear Tim,

Thank you so much for the "Guide to Getting the Teaching Job of Your Dreams" eBook.  I purchased it online today and read it already.  It is excellent.  I totally understand the concepts presented. 


Hi Tim,

I downloaded your book yesterday and feel that it has so many wonderful tips and I am excited to share them with our students. Terri shared with me your QUICK response to our request for use of some of your materials.

As she shared, we want our interns to get a step ahead of others by giving them guidance in how to interview and how to write that resume.  Our students are in the field of special education. . .I will give them the website so they can order their own book if they so desire.  I think it has invaluable advice.

Thanks again for your willingness to share your materials.



I can't believe how great your book was in preaparing me for my interview!!! Almost every question asked was on your top 50 list, and the best part about it was, I think I am the only one that read it. . .

Your book is worth its weight in gold. Thank you for helping me to prepare and be sucessful in my interview. I feel like I have had a personal mentor.



I just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful teaching tips you have provided me with through your book.  It has helped get me a few steps closer to the job I want.  I will highly recommend it to all of my teacher friends who are in the market for a teaching job.

       Thanks so much,

Hello Tim,
I wanted to let you know that I was offered a 1st grade teaching position at an elementary school in the town I live in.  I also student taught there and have subbed there for 4 years.  It was a great interview and my cooperating teacher told me that the principal I will work with and one of his teachers who interviewed me said I blew the competition right out of the water and there were supposedly several excellent candidates.

I read and re-read your book and made index cards of all your questions and practiced them over and over.  I thoroughly enjoyed your information and felt it to be invaluable.  Thank you for providing a resource for educators like me to help them get the job they've always wanted.  Keep up the great work!


Thank you so much!!  I had three weeks to prepare for my interview.  Your 50 interview questions helped me focus my time.  The buzz words and check-off were great!!  I was able to create a fabulous portfolio and it helped me stay focused and add to the interview.  They only had 10 questions for me so I really wanted to add more about me and using the portfolio really helped! I really liked the added what not to do and/or say!  They loved that I asked what the Principal liked about his school.  I only interviewed at 1 school with 7 other applicants and they hired me! Thank you for helping me to feel and appear self-confident and well prepared.


I purchased your book back in early January and really got a lot out of reading it. I have been teaching at the elementary level for four years and when we recently moved to a new area (which is a small town centered around a large university) found that it was very difficult to get even an interview. After submitting my application packet to three school divisions and three private schools I finally received an offer from one of the private schools. At this interview I was asked to teach a sample lesson which I had never been asked to do for public school interviews. Thank you for including info about that in your book. Your book really helped me prepare for the questions that I might be asked. Most of them came up in at least one of the interviews. I was finally offered a job for next year last Monday. Thank you again for writing a really helpful book!

I just wanted to let you know I got a teaching job in Idaho.  I downloaded your book this winter and took much of your advice in obtaining a job.  Thanks so much for all the practical advice.


I purchased your ebook yesterday and have found it to be the most helpful book I have ever purchased.


And another message from Leigh ten days later...

The interview was a huge success!! I used my portfolio, lacking as it was, efficiently and the committee loved it. My selling point to the school system was that I could start a UIL science program but this question or anything related was never mentioned. So at the end of the interview, I asked who the UIL science cordinator was and the committee looked at me and said "You are!"  I still have to wait about 2 weeks to know if I got the position but everything went great. I owe you much more than the $20 for your ebook. Thank you very much.


You booklet is a relief to me, I had no clue what to expect.  Now I feel comfortable knowing I have guidance during this process.  THANK YOU!


Hi Tim,

Thank you for the quick reply.  I love the ebook; I've got a huge Job Fair on Friday and after the mini-Fair last Wednesday, I KNEW I needed help, and fast. So far, what I'm reading is going to give me that extra pump. Can't wait to go through all the Questions...

It sounds like you've been a teacher for a while and know the market. I'm really glad I found your e-book; it's just what I was looking for.  Thank you!!

Hi Tim,

I first want to let you know that I have really enjoyed reading your book.  I have been teaching for ten years now, and I still learned a great deal from reading it. 


Hi Tim.  I received the copy of the ebook yesterday.  Thank you for mailing the copy.  I've read through the entire book.  I found the book very helpful.  It's weird, but even after all my years of teaching, I realize that the 'presentation' of a cover letter and resume are what is going to get me called in for an interview.  I also am putting together my portfolio. I like the suggestions of having pictures and examples to have available for the interview.  It's just like teaching.  The more realia you use, the more the lesson will be remembered.  Thank you for your help.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for writing such a useful handbook!!!  I am finding it an invaluable resource in my search for a teaching position.  It is insightful, succinct, and easy to use.  I will refer back to it often. 


I wish I found you sooner, you and your ideas are very helpful!


And two days later, also from Kathy:

Hi Tim!

I  was offered a long term position in the first grade. Thank you for all of your help.


I thoroughly enjoyed your book.  It is very informative and full of great advice.  I especially liked the interviews with other teachers at the end of the book.  Great information! . . . Again, I enjoyed your ebook very much and have been using it when putting my resume together and my "flash cards" of interview questions.  I have recommended your website to some student teacher friends and will continue to do so as I have found it to be very worthwhile.



I just wanted to thank you for your positive advice.  I ended up getting a job in a wonderful school whose philosophy reflects my own.  I'm not sure if I would have gotten the position if it weren't for your positive advice ... Again, I appreciate all of your help!


Hi Tim,

I can't believe that I'm sending you this e-mail already! I didn't have your book for long and today I was offered a Kindergarten position, that I of course accepted!!!  

The chapter about the portfolio was excellent!!!  I hadn't taken a portfolio to my other interviews because I didn't know what should be in it and I didn't know how to use it right. Good Tips; when I handed it to the Superintendent to look at it was her first comment, "Oh how nice!" She even rubbed her hand over it because it was that soft touchable leather that makes you want to do that!!! The best money I ever spent!!! Your book $19.95, the leather portfolio binder $29.98 and hearing my mom scream into the phone when I called her to tell her... priceless.

       Thanks again!!!

Thank you for responding to my email messages.  I feel confident about my interview tomorrow because of your advice.  I never really prepared properly for interviews before.  I feel like I can face these people now.  I have an idea what they are looking for.  Wish me luck tomorrow.



From a bulletin board forum:

Thank you so much for recommending that ebook (Guide to Getting a Teaching Job).

The interview questions and answers were
awesome and I've been looking for this book for a long time.

Thank you!

I would just like to thank you for the ebook you wrote!! I always imagined my first interview being a total disaster, but it went great! I didn't feel nervous at all when I got in there because I felt so prepared!  Michigan's teacher job market is awful right now and I when I saw there was an opening at an amazing district, I was so excited! That's when I found your book and started studying! I ended up getting my dream job! (and on my first try....thanks to you!)....Thank you so much again!! I really recommend that anyone who is going to interview should get this ASAP! It's definitely worth the $20 for a job in the end!


So many kind words I couldn't fit them all on one page!

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